Sunday, March 31, 2013

24 Frames Overview

Welcome to 24 Frames! In this section of the blog, I will share best practices regarding key HR
practices and policies every organization should implement, no matter your size or industry.  Don't let one missing piece destroy the whole picture.

Here are the 24 Frames.  I will post a detailed description on each topic below over the next few months.  Please let me know if there is any topic you are specifically interested in or struggling with and I will try to include it!

Company Framework
       1 - Company Values
       2 - Org Chart
       3 - Decision making tree
       4 - Customer Experience Mission
       5 - Violence and Emergency Preparedness
Employment Law
        6 - FLSA
        7 -  Job Descriptions & Titles
        8 - Employee Files
        9 -  HR Partnership & Support

        10 - Handbook
        11 - Harassment & Discrimination Policy and Training
        12 - Pay Policy
        13 - Attendance Policy
        14 - Paid Time Off Policy

        15 - Health Benefits
        16 -  401k Contributions           
        17 - Non-cash benefits/perks
        18 - FMLA, LOA, Worker’s Comp

Employee Life Cycle
        19 - Interview Training
        20 -  New hire on-boarding
        21 - Performance Appraisals
        22 - Career Development
        23 - Key Training Topics
        24 - Disciplinary Process


Hello!  And welcome to the Amplify Blog - Be Amplified!  The goal of this blog is to share best practices on career development, team building and management, and general HR framework.

I have been working in the HR industry, with a specific focus in learning and development, for over 10 years.  I am passionate about helping people find success.  Success can be defined in a number of different ways.  So please let me know if there is a specific topic you are interested in discussing or an area or challenge you are working on and I will share my thoughts.  And please share your thoughts and questions on my posts so we can learn from each other!

A quick tour of Be Amplified...
  • Amplify Your Career - Your Personal Development - No matter your level, we are all striving to improve.  Maybe you are in a new role and are looking for guidance on the transition.  Maybe you are preparing for a promotion and you are looking to stretch your current skills.  Or maybe you are feeling stuck and trying to figure out what the right path is for you and your career.  Hopefully posts here will help!
  • Amplify Your Team - Manager & Leadership Development -  Is your team struggling with something?  Are you a new manager or leader looking for some tips?  In the need of some good team building exercises?  Trying to figure out your leadership brand?  Look no further!
  • Amplify Your Life - Balancing the demands of work and life - Inspiration stories,thought provoking questions and more.  How can we find ways to amplify our whole life, not just our work?
  • 24 Frames - HR Best Practices - It takes 24 frames of film to create one complete image.  With that in mind, I have identified 24 key areas of HR that every organization should master, no matter the size.  But so often, small businesses and non-profits, specifically, don't have the internal HR expertise.  These posts will give you that foundational knowledge to make sure your organization isn't at risk.
 Thank you again for visiting.  Stay tuned for new posts and hopefully some surprises along the way :)  And let me know how I can help you BE AMPLIFIED!

Who is Your Bullhorn?

I hope you have a lot of great, supportive, loving people in your life. But who is that one person, that when it comes to your career or development is there by your side every time?  Who is willing to pull out the bullhorn when you need some motivation to keep going?  Who's the one next to you to pull out the bullhorn to shout your successes so everyone can hear?  Who pushes you to be amplified and go to 11?

Maybe it's a mentor.  Maybe it's a former colleague.  I am fortunate.  I have an amazing husband and family who have always been there for me.  Whenever I come up with a wacky new idea, my husband is the first one cheering me on and helping me make it a reality.  He is the definition of unconditional love.

But when I think of my bullhorn; someone who checks in, good and bad.  Someone who doesn't let me walk away from a great idea, it is my long time friend Jenn.  She and I are very similar.  We are passionate about helping people.  For her, it is through healthy living and wellness. Mine is obviously through professional development.  But for years we have both had "these great ideas" for new projects and ventures. I am quick to find excuses as to why I don't get something done.  I am too busy at work, or too tired after work.  When I'm home I want to be present for my family.  But Jenn is great at helping me remember I can do both. I have found that mornings are a great time for me.  Whether its typing a draft of this blog on my phone while riding the subway, or sitting on the couch after a playful session of ball with our dog on the weekends, I can find those windows of time to amplify my life!  And when I came up with the concept of amplify... The loudest cheer came from Jenn (especially since it was a name she had tossed around for herself for awhile).

By the way, this isn't just some whacky, "touchy feely" idea I had this morning. There are examples of this same theory throughout our society.  Why do you think groups like Weight Watchers and AA have been so successful over the years? They are bullhorns.  I was successful losing weight through WW because I knew every week I was going to have to weigh in.  For me, this created accountability.  But one of my proudest moments was when I hit my goal weight and I got my key chain in front of the group.  For 32 years my grandmother was a recovering alcoholic and was a proud member of AA. She sponsored many people during that time.  Her "pidgins" loved and respected her because she was not afraid to challenge when they needed a push but she clapped the loudest when they would get their different coins after milestone anniversaries.  We don't even have to mention the analogies in sports or work.  It's all the same psychological impact.  It's someone you turn to that keeps you going and celebrates when you get there!

So who is in your corner to give a nudge, a helping hand, a rally cry or a cheer and shout out?  Who is your bullhorn?

PS  Pardon my own bullhorn moment.  But if you are interested in different wellness initiatives, you can check out Jenn's website at: