Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Ways to Gain Independence from Your Current Job

If you are feeling stuck in your current role, use these five tips to help you find what makes you happy and you will be celebrating your independence by summer's end!

1. Figure out what makes you happy.  It's easy to say that you are miserable now.  But why?  What would make your day or week a 10?  Once you know what DOES make you happy, you can go out and find a job that will actually make you excited to get up and go to work in the morning.  What a concept :)

2. What's important for you in a company's culture?  Are you feeling disenfranchised with your company, field or industry?  Or are you just feeling stuck in your role?  This is important to determine which it is so don't find yourself feeling the same way in six months or a year in your new job.

3.  What qualities are in your ideal manager?  Research study after research study shows that engagement is driven by the employee/manager relationship.  So what do you look for in a manager, and how can you interview for those values in the future?

4. Remember why you started in this industry or even this job.  Go back to that honeymoon stage and remember what excited you about either this role or your industry.  What made you proud of your profession?  How can you replicate that at your next job, and hopefully make it last past the honeymoon stage?

5. If you could spend your time doing anything, what would it be?  Could you turn it into a job/career?  Could it be part of or associated with your career?  Often people have a passion in their life and never think about how to turn it into their full time work.  How wonderful would it be if it could be your job...or if you could at least incorporate it into your work?!

Remember, a job is only going to be engaging, exciting and fulfilling if you know what makes you happy.  One you know that, then you can look for an opportunity that addresses those needs!  And if you aren't sure, reach out to someone who can help you; whether it's your bullhorn (see previous post!), a mentor or even a life/career coach.  The point is that it is someone who can help you talk it through so you can find your independence and find the job that will make you happy!

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