Sunday, January 4, 2015

52 Weeks Blog Challenge

Hello world!  Happy New Year.  I am very lucky, 2014 was a great year but my accomplishments were not what I expected at the beginning of the year.  That made me realize that as great as goals and new year resolutions are, they just aren't realistic for me and my lifestyle.  A lot changes for me during the year.  Usually all good, but still things I can't predict at the beginning of the year, heck sometimes even at the beginning of the month!  So I am taking a different approach in 2015.

I still have my 5 year plan, that keeps my eyes on the prize and reminds me that decisions I make should be helping me get to those long term goals.  But then I'm going to set weekly goals.  I even bought a book to help me track weekly goals :). This will help me feel like I am making progress but I can adjust goals as something I can achieve each week.  I can look at life in snippets and not feel frustrated or down if I don't hit a yearly goal because I can look back and see what I accomplished and how they all got me closer to the future life.

My biggest advice to people is to set yourself up for for success.  You don't want your goals to be so easy that they don't challenge you.  But you shouldn't make them unattainable, or not relative to your life.  For some people, longer term goals work.  But after focusing on taking steps to hit my long term goals in 2014, I realized that my life changes too much and goes too fast to be be successful with a year long goal.  I also lose touch with something that is very important to me - a balanced set of goals that focus on my whole self.  If I don't chop it up into bite size goals, I spiral into an obsession about one thing and miss the others.  And then I miss celebrating what I did accomplish because I can't check the box I set at the beginning of the year.

One of these attempts to focus each week on bite size goals is my 52 Weeks Blogging Challenge.  I couldn't resist the play on my name!  So I am challenging myself to write a blog post each week.  In my idea notebook, yep, I have a small notebook in my bag.  It's where I write down ideas as they pop into my head - it helps me remember my ideas as they organically happen without obsessing about them until I am ready to act on them.  Anyway, I realized I have over 40 ideas for blog topics in my notebook on Jan 1 so I know I will be able to have an idea a week I can pull from.  It also helps me continue to work on my writing each week as I try to finish my book.  A discipline I have also broken down in weekly chunks.  Each week I will have something for each area of my "whole self" to help me love s balance life, where I am enjoying today while feeling like I am taking steps towards the future me.

So here is blog one of fifty-two!  Looking forward to connecting with my readers each week! As always, please feel free to leave comments or email me with individual thoughts or questions!  Happy New Year!

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