Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Goals, No Disappointment

Like most people, I have been reflecting on the last year and thinking about my goals for 2016.  But as I looked through my notes from 2015, I found myself getting frustrated and disappointed.  Instead of celebrating the things I did accomplish, I only saw all the unchecked to do's.  All I did was obsess about how I was not as close as I hoped to be to my career goal.

But then I took a breath and happens.  It happens every year.  Family situations come up that you can't anticipate.  Work throws you another curveball.  But the rollercoaster of life shouldn't distract from what I was able to get accomplished this year.  Those unexpected work obstacles actually gave me the chance to breakthrough and really show my strengths.  Though the unexpected loss of the family member was extremely sad, it reminded me of the importance to enjoy every moment of life and not take anything for granted.  Plus, to top it off, I am actually ahead of one of my career goals.  I got to teach my first semester as an adjunct faculty member, something I wasn't expecting to happen for a few years.  Plus, I was asked to be the chair of a special interest group with the local HR organization, which comes with the opportunity to be on their board.   That was something that wasn't even on the road map!

So when I started to think about 2016, I realized I needed to broaden my goals.  They still need to be SMART goals (scroll to the bottom of this post if you aren't familiar with that acronym).  They still need to challenge and push me to keep me on the path towards the future.  But they also don't have to be so detailed that it doesn't me up for disappointment when I can't check every box.  

With that in mind, and the promise to always share with my audience, below are my 2016 goals!  As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  I hope they help you in some form or another.  Feel free to comment below or reach out to me directly.  If you don't follow me on other forms of social media, check out my "About" section.   And stay tuned for upcoming announcements in the coming year :)

Weeks' 2016 Goals

1. Always be Present.  This is applicable in all areas of life.   I want to be present in every interaction, moment, adventure, conversation, breath.  I promise to put down the phone when walking the dog.  I will close the computer during a meeting and take notes in a notebook.  I want to turn off the tv during dinner.  Whatever it takes to make sure I am living in the moment.

2.  Make Time to Write.  Last year I focused too much on goals that might have been too lofty considering I am not a full time writer!  So instead of saying that I am going to get published in a magazine or finish my book in 2016, I am just going to make sure that I carve out more time to write.  If I have more blog posts in 2016 than 2015, that is a win.  If I have more chapters written at the end of 2016 than I do now, that's a win.  Maybe I can find a way to contribute to an article instead of spending the time doing blind submissions.  Either way, I need to make sure I am finding the time to write more.

3.  Build my Network.  As I work towards my longer term goal, I need to get out of my comfort zone and meet people in the speaking circuit, attend more events (especially events where I could present one day), meet potential clients at conferences, etc.  Again, last year this was too detailed (speak here, present there).  This can be accomplished by volunteering, my new board position, or through people I meet while teaching.  It can even come through commenting on LinkedIn conversations, Twitter chats, or blog posts where people can see my name.  I need to focus on increasing my footprint in the areas where my future clients can be found.  

4.  Remember that I am the Expert.  My husband always jokes when we go to a fancy store or a high class restaurant, "Act like you belong here."  I need to do that with my HR expertise as well.  I sometimes act like I did when I first started out, "There are people here with way more experience.  Or they are an executive, they know better."  I forget that I am now that person I was referring to years ago.  Many people turn to me every day and ask for my advice and counsel and I don't bat an eye.  I need to remember that when I step out of my comfort zone and do more writing or build my network, I belong there!

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Actionable
R - Relevant
T - Timely

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